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Las Vegas Detention Center

If you are in or have a loved one in the Las Vegas Detention Center and are seeking a bail bond as quickly as possible, look no further than EZ Credit Bail Bonds. We are your Las Vegas professional source for bail bonds. We take calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, and we bail our clients out fast.

We Simplify A Confusing Process

If your loved one is in the Detention Center and you are seeking a way to get them out, understanding the bail process and how to get a bail bond can be confusing and scary. EZ Credit Bail Bonds is called EZ because we make the process as simple as possible for our clients. The last thing we want is for anyone to struggle when they are already going through enough emotional stress. We are here to answer your calls and all of your questions, putting your mind at ease. We will not add to your confusion. Call us for a bailout today.

We Give Clients What They Need

Our bail bondsman works specifically with Las Vegas Detention Center to provide the bond needed and the steps required to take action immediately. We have experience dealing with the Las Vegas Detention Center so there will be no hiccups in the process. We can answer all of your questions, secure your bail bond, and deliver it to the Detention Center for you hassle free.

Can You Afford Not To?

Our bail bond fee is simple. We abide by Nevada State Law, which requires a 15% premium bail bond fee. The only additional fees are processing fees charged by and paid directly to the Las Vegas Detention Center. If this still sounds like a lot of money to you, or you may not have all of at this time, we do provide credit for bail bonds. We can work with you to determine if a cosigner or collateral is needed to secure your credit for the bail bond. Don’t worry, we have been in business since 1992 helping many families just like your own, deal with such a horrible situation and getting them the help they need fast.

Get Treated With The Dignity You Deserve

Our bondsmen treat you with dignity. You will experience enough negativity throughout this process, the last thing you need is a bail bond agency talking down to you or over your head. EZ Credit Bail Bonds prides themselves on making the process easy and dignified. Get the help you need without feeling like you are getting a handout.

Call us today, any time of day, any day of the week and get your bailout bond fast.

Bail Them Out Now!

Don’t take risks with your loved ones freedom. Contact the experts at EZ Credit Bail Bonds.

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