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EZ Credit Bail Bonds
629 South Casino Center Blvd,
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Las Vegas, NV 89101

We Won't Fail When It's Time For Bail!

Don’t leave your freedom in the hands of the inexperienced.
EZ Credit Bail Bonds can get you or your loved ones
out of jail fast and with no drama.

EZ Bail Forms

We make our EZ bail forms easy to access!


Included in the download are the Co-Signer Instruction sheet, Application, Bail Agreement, and CC Authorization Approval forms. Please don’t forget to Include a copy of your credit card front and back, copy of your state ID, and Paystub.


Included in the download are the Defendant Instruction sheet, Application, and Bail Agreement. We ask that you check in within a few days of being released to sign this paperwork. If you would like to get a head start, download the forms and fill out as much as possible so that when you come in we can get you out quicker!

Download Adobe Reader to fill in your forms. You can download the program at:

Our company makes it easy for you to download and fill out your application, credit authorization, and many other forms you will need on your visit. If you are not able to make it to the office you can fax or email your information to us. Ask your agent what you need to do to get the information we need to get your friend out of jail.

*Indemnitor (Signer taking responsibility for Defendant to show up to all court dates)

*Defendant (Person released on Bond)

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